Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My favorite moments on The Andy Griffith Show

Growing up, whenever I was home for lunch, my mother, brother, sister, and I would park ourselves in front of our little living room TV and watch an episode of a black-and-white Andy Griffith show. By the time we were in our teens, we had nearly every episode memorized, and still they never grew old. I still watch them today whenever I get the chance (love that they're on netflix). And of course we make the trek out to Danville to visit the Mayberry Cafe, a little restaurant dedicated to the TV show, and it even shows episodes while you eat. Here are some of my favorite moments on the show. May Andy rest in peace in his final home with his beloved Savior.

Rafe Hollister Sings - hauntingly beautiful

Andy Discovers America - Andy tells the tale of Paul Revere

Darlings singin' - There is a Time

And this has got to be my favorite scene from the entire series. Just plain old hilarious. Definitely worth the watch.

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  1. Neat tribute! My sister and I had similarly memorized most every Brady Bunch episode. Although I honestly didn't watch Andy Griffith all that often, I'm still sad at his passing. It's the ending of another era of my childhood.