Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Lovable Grandmas

Me with my grandma Jackie Mulry Lutz  - she made me both of the white blankets we're holding onto. Lost her in a car accident when I was only seven, but she sure loved her Katie :) I do miss her

My grandma Mary Holsclaw Andrews with her two grandmothers - Zella Wagner Holsclaw and Lottie Ash Oder c. 1920

My grandma Mary with her great-grandmother, Almira King Holsclaw with her chickens!

William and Kenny Potter with their great-grandmother, Margaret Ploughe Cross. Love her grin!
Check out my story, Going over Home, where my character, Maddie, meets her long-lost grandma, Eleanor Maddox, who is based loosely on my own great-great-great grandmother Almira King Holsclaw.

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